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You can change your SE phone to suit ur tastes (ofcourse only within the availability of the components).

1. The first step u need is to install phone driver (not the driver in the PC SUITE CD). Download it from the or any other site.

2. Install the drivers which is appropriate for your phone. I have already wrote a post regarding the installation of the driver in a previous post.

3. Download XS++ 3.1 (current latest version). Download it from the or use google to find it.

4. Download the necessary FS, MAIN, CUST_PACK for the modding requirements.

for example, to convert your K550 phone to W610 – then you may need to download the FS, MAIN and CUST_PACK of the W610. You can these things from the website.

5. You can change the Fonts in your mobile (any TrueType font of windows can be used). If you want a font goto-> control panel -> fonts -> copy the required font. Then you need to edit the FONTS.xml file according to the name of font used.

Example: consider you want to use “Balthazar” font for your mobile.

a. copy the font from fonts folder in ctrl panel and paste it on desktop (or any place).

b. Create a XML file called FONTS.xml

c. Use word pad to create FONTS.xml file (You can also use Notepad but its not recommended)

d. the FONTS.xml file for the Balthazar font can be as follows:

<engine cache_size=”131072″ default=”yes”>
<font style=”sans-serif” weight=”normal”>/tpa/preset/system/fonts/Balthazar.ttf</font>

<engine cache_size=”262144″ default=”no”>
<font style=”sans-serif” weight=”bold”>/tpa/preset/system/fonts/Balthazar.ttf</font>
<font style=”sans-serif” weight=”italic” s01=”20″>/tpa/preset/system/fonts/Balthazar.ttf</font>
<font style=”sans-serif” weight=”bold-italic” s01=”20″>/tpa/preset/system/fonts/Balthazar.ttf</font>

Use XS++ to copy both the FONTS.xml and the Balthazar font into your mobile. I have already posted the location directories in a old post.


Using XS++

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XS++ is a popular Sony ericsson customization tool used by many modders world wide. In a nutshell, using XS++ you can:

1. Change your K series phone into W series phone

2. Change the phone font

3. install new walkman skins

4. install patches, elfs, acoustics

you can almost change the way u want but modding without knowing what u r doing may lead to a disaster, always backup ur phone data, GDFS in a safe location. If anything goes wrong u can revert back to the original state with these backups.

a. Download the drivers for your phone.

b. You can download drivers from these below sites:

Note: You need to register the above site. The site by default is russian you can to display the site info in english.

c. charge your phone to 90 – 100 %
1. Switch OFF your phone !
2. Remove the battery !
3. Reinsert your battery !
4. Don’t start your phone !
5. HOLDING ‘C’ on your phone, connect your phone to USB Cable !
6. Don’t Leave C through out driver installation.

You get a notification in System Tray ! Saying SEMC USB Flash Device

A new window should appear “Found new hardware wizard”
It asks permissions for to search for drivers for the device. Select “No,  not this time” and click next.

Then select the option INSTALL FROM A SPECIFIED LOCATION(ADVANCED) and  click next

Then choose “Search for the best drivers in these locations”, and check  the “Include this location in this search”, now browse for the downloaded  drivers.

Click next, Wait for some time, drivers get installed.


Open the directory, where you unpacked the archive, In the directory, you  will find a ggsemc.inf file. Click on it with the right mouse button, and  then click ‘Install‘.

These are the some of the important installation paths or directories used with XS++ (or other software) to mod ur phone.

flash files:

walkman 2 skins


cam driver

visualizations (.avx) – Walkman 2 Player Supports Visulizations



– Do not confuse with the forward or reverse slashes..U just need to concentrate the directories and not the slashes.

This applies to Nokia 6600,6630, 6670…series, N70, E50 ….and many other phones

IMPORTANT: You should charge your phone battery to 90-100 %. Backup All you data – contacts, notes, photos etc.

1. Remove the Memory card from phone.

2. Now switch “ON” your phone by pressing:

Green button

Star button (asterisk)

3 button

3. That is, you need to press all these 4 buttons (including ON button) simultaneously

4. Do not let any of these 4 buttons unless you see the menu showing ‘country menu’

5. Now the phone is restored to the factory setting

6. You will be prompted to enter the Country details, date, time etc.

Note: Now you have just fomatted the Phone memory (restored to factory setting) to format your memory card, the option is available in the phone itself.