Increase your PC’s Performance

Posted: September 18, 2008 in PC
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Formatting your PC everytime to increase its speed is not always a good option. Below are few easy steps to ensure your PC runs clean without fuss.

I think you use windows XP and below things are compatible to most of the Windows products.

1. Dont compress drives. If you compress drives it will provide you some extra space but will reduce performance. But sometimes you may have smaller HDD space and want to increase the space means you can try this:

a. Right click a drive or folder and select properties and select the compress drive (or folder) to save disk space

2. Use disk defragmenter atleast once in a week.

Start -> All programs -> System tools -> Disk defragmenter

You can also use custom after market defragmenter such as the one in this site:

3. Use error-check option

My Computer -> Right click a drive -> properties -> tools -> select error check.

Error-check will check for data that reside in a “faulty” area of the HDD and relocate it to a safe place. “faulty” area are scratches (& others) in the HDD and are often caused by the read/write head of the HDD.

4. Run Anti-virus once a week & update it regularly

I suggest you to install a professional Version of a Anti-virus program such as the Avast Professional or kaspersky.

Note: Dont install more than one Anti-Virus in a PC

5. Install Anti-spyware application.

Are you using Credit cards for online purchasing ? then an Anti-spyware application is a very must. Today’s spywares not just steal passwords they are way ahead of your imagination.

Install Spybot S&D from and spyware terminator or Windows Defender.

Note: You can install more than one Anti-spyware in a PC. Installing alone is not enough you should immunize ur PC thru the anti-spywares.

6. Install Autorun eater

Autorun eater is a best known application for removing the pendrive based (autorun.inf based) viruses. You can get this software from or visit the official site:

This software can remove newfolder.exe, leanzq.exe, diskprotect.exe and similar threats.

7. McAfee SiteAdvisor:

This software is best dealing with the best and worst websites. It will warn you by showing different colours in the web browser.Green for good sites and red for dangerous sites

8. Web security guard and disk protect:

Another good internet related intimator is the web security guard. You can download this from (not spywareterminater). Disk protect is to protect files by virus or accidental deletions/alterations.

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