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Posted: November 19, 2008 in PC
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A list of some useful website collections.




Download the attachment to read the file.


1. Turn – OFF Antivirus and Antispware (if any) application before you start the game.


2. Install game on an uncompressed drive. Compressed drives are usually appear in blue colour (font colour).


3. Dont install game on root drives – example: c:\

4. Exit unnecessary running applications in the background. ex: yahoo messenger etc. This can be accomplished using Task manager.


Installing a Linux OS – Imp things to note

Installing a RedHat linux is not straightforward like a Windows. Newbies face difficulties installing linux. This is a simple text describing the important constituents. This guide is related to Redhat version 4 / 5 and some fedora installations but it suits to many variants to Linux distributions.

NOTE: Dont install Linux with its Default installation. Many distributions will erase all the OS in the system and sometimes including the data and it will install. Use custom installation (Disk druid)

/home – 512 MB or higher (its like My documents)

/ boot 128 MB (Stores the Boot file – Linux boot loader file – GRUB / LILO) *

/ usr 2000 MB or higher (Overall usage space)

/ – 256 MB or higher

swap – 1.5 times that of RAM (if you have 512 or more than 1 GB of RAM then set swap less than 2GB or even less)


1. If you are having a larger capacity hard disk you can increase the space for the above things.

2. Note additional software installation require more space. Try the custom installation and select only the necessary software. uncheck the server based software if you are using a PC with an intention to listening only songs, web and video.

3. swap is nothing but Virtual memory (HDD temporarily act like RAM – volatile) in windows too, we have virtual memory but we dont set it. Windows OS itself take care of virtual memory itself (ex: pagefile.sys).

4. * 128 MB is more than enough even if you are having a Tera Byte HDD.

A refresh rate of less than 75 Hertz is dangerous to human eyes.

Many times you encounter “watering of eyes” or “irritating eyes” if you work for a long time.

To protect your eyes from these things you can change the refresh rate of your monitor.



How to do it:

Desktop -> right click -> select properties -> settings tab -> set the refresh rate of 800 X 600 for a 15 inch or 1024 X 768 for a 17 inch monitor (more info in the note) -> select advanced -> select the Monitor tab -> select the refresh rate to 85 Hertz.


1. A 15 inch CRT monitor with 800 X 600 resolution can be set with a 85 Hertz.

Note: 15 inch CRT monitor can display 1024 X 768 but the refresh rate can be only 60 Hertz can be set but this will be dangerous to eyes.

2. A 17 inch CRT monitor can display 1024 X 768 resolution with a 85 Hertz refresh rate without any problem.

3. I think LCD monitors will not cause these problems (but not sure) if u face irritating eyes prob even with your LCD monitor you can change the refresh rate as I mentioned above.

4. Sometimes you cannot change the resolution or the refresh rate of your monitor it may display like this

” Using hardware default settings”. In this case, take your Motherboard CD and insert (or monitor CD) and insert..install the display drivers.

Please use the above link to download various SE & Nokia softwares.


K550 driver

W660 sound driver

w610, layout.xml

w610 patches (.vkp files)