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If u use iTunes to Sync your iPOD or other portable music player, I suggest u to use MediaMonkey. The reasons are obvious once if u read the below info:

iTunes Cons:
1. Size: ~ 65 MB to download
2. No user permission:
* It will install Quick time player, Bonjour, Apple update software (pretty useless things)
without user’s permission.
* Both iTunes and Quicktime are resource hungry..


iTunes can be downloaded here:


MediaMonkey Pros:
1. Size: ~ 10 MB
2. Its skinnable. You can install custom skins that appear as Windows media player or like iTunes itself.
3. It will not install extra things like iTunes.
4. It’s a free software but a paid version is also available just like Winamp.
5. It supports “RATINGS”. Ofcourse, many software supports ratings..but in MediaMonkey organizing music is really fantastic. Rating support is very nice.
6. You can SYNC iPOD or any other music player with MediaMonkey.


MediaMonkey with iPod and Sansa Skins



MediaMonkey can be downloaded from here:

…Click here…


Consider, you have music folder consists of some songs but there are no album art (pictures) in it. To add ur custom pictures into the song folder (If u add a single picture into the folder, all song will reflect that picture), follow the below steps:


1. Copy and paste the required picture (only one picture) into the song folder.
2. Rename the picture.
ex: folder
3. If your system shows “filename with extension” then u need to rename with extension
ex: folder.jpg
4. Now you album art will be reflected across music players such as the mediamonkey shown above.
Note: u need to “scan the mediamonkey for files/folder” to reflect the new changes

How do u download songs / musics / white papers / videos … ? U may goto a website and download those stuffs, right?
One day you want a new thing, let’s say “Inca musics (or any other strange thing which are hard to find in ur routine website or even in google)”

Technically speaking, we are downloading things from a server. But we can download things from a client system too. This is called peer – peer. Software such as Limewire is very popular in doing this.


Limewire needs JRE so download and install Java run time environment (JRE) from this below link:


Now download and install Limewire from this below link:


1. Connect ur pc with the net. Open the Limewire s/w. It will take some time for the limewire to establish itself in the net. This depends on ur connection and system speed too.

2. In the search box, simply type the thing u want.

Example: Michael Jackson (in the audio section)

3. It will take some time to search. After some time, it will list all the peers who have the Michael Jackson song. The list will keeps on increasing for a while and later it will stop.
4. You can download the required song from this listing.

1. If u download from the above mentioned process, it will actually download from peers (clients / people like us) even if one shutdowns his PC or disconnects his net connection. Limewire will download the same thing from another person, not from the beginning. Limewire will download a same thing from 1/ 2 /3 or more person simultaneously. So you don’t need to worry about disconnection.
2. Further more, if a song is terminated in the middle and there is no way to download it, u can use the song.
In other words, if a song is 5MB and u has downloaded only 2.5 MB, you can still use the 2.5 MB song. You can play the 2.5 song too.
3. While downloading a song u can play the song even in the middle of the song download.
4. Limewire is not only about songs, you can download all sort of things with it.

Limewire can download virus files beware !!! Don’t frightened. Just check the file size. For ex: when you u want to download a song. It will more than 3 MB (appx) but virus files will be around 300 KB. U may ask how do u know the exact size Er…its only an experience..just enter a song name in the limewire a KB range file name will be shown ..dont download it….I DON’T KNOW A BETTER WAY TO EXPLAIN THIS..PHEW !

some time you may think that a particular phone theme’s wallpaper is jus gr8 & u want that. how to get that ?
1. simply rename the file extension to .rar (u need to install winrar prior doing this)
2. windows will ask u, want to rename it. select yes.
3. now right click the file and select “Extract to folder” (something like that)
4. Now the folder is avail. and ur favourite walls / tones / swf files inside.

Original disks are by default cant be copied. If u copy them, just a shortcut will be shown. This shortcut will work only if u insert the original disk. To permanently store the cd contents u need to perform ripping.

How to do it ?
1. Insert original disk into the drive.
2. Open windows media player (I think version 10 & above will have ripping feature) or other ripping software
3. Select rip in the menu
4. The cd tracks will be shown. Select the tracks u want to rip and press rip
5. By default, the ripped songs will be stored under My documents -> My music -> respective folder


1. Want no desktop icons on ur desktop ?
2. Want to increase or decrease the picture slide show functionality from default 5 seconds ?
3. Want to change the contents in the context menu ?
———–and much more——————-then the Tweak UI is for u

Download Tweak UI from here

Normally, its not possible to copy from multiple locations and paste it to a single place. You have to copy and paste individually.

piky basket enables to copy from multiple locations (folder or files from many drives) and paste it to a single location..

After u have installed it, piky basket will be available in the context menu itself (right click menu). Right click a file / folder and the context menu will appear, piky basket will also be seen, select drop into piky basket. Do this same thing if you want to copy multiple items and in the destination folder, right click and select “copy all” from the piky basket (to cut and paste: simply select “move all” in the destination folder)


Download piky basket from here

or use this link