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Edit boot.ini file

Posted: April 22, 2009 in PC
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Whats the need to edit ?
1. If you have 2 windows os then u have seen that it will wait for 30 seconds to boot the default os. This is too much time and better be shortened.

2. You can change the os listing name to the name of your choice. suppose u have 2 win xp. then you can rename it as xp – net use. xp – gaming etc.

There will be only one boot.ini file even u have more than 2 windows os.

To edit:
start -> run -> c:\boot.ini
my computer -> prop -> advanced ->startup and recovery -> settings -> edit

Now the boot.ini file opens…
edit as shown in


Sometimes there is a possibility that ur PC’s boot file can corrupt. If this file is corrupt ur PC will not boot.

your machine may display “@#$#@#.*&`” file is corrupted and will not boot… we are sorry for the inconvenience $#$$….

1. Some of the possibilities are: you may have installed a Linux OS as a 1st booting os and later you have formatted the Linux thru windows without changing the boot.ini file.

2. boot.ini file corrupted thru some of the s/w or thru virus.

Put ur OS cd into the drive…
1. make sure it boots from cd / dvd drive.
2. press key when it waits for the user to enter…
3. it will take some time and it will detect the old os and u have the option to REPAIR IT by Pressing “R” key.
4. press “R” key..after some time u will be landed to a CLI – command line interface
5. here type fixboot
6. it will ask you which partition u want to fix it…if ur c:\ is gone then u may need to type 1
7. it will be overwhelming to see than to me..its really easy.

Now your PC is back to life. U dont need to reinstall a whole OS. this saves a lot of time and energy… 🙂

Sony sketch font created by Diezel. Diezel is a forum member of (and many other forums). With his hard work.. many of the SE owners are enjoying this great font.

I thank Diezel for doing a great contribution to the SE community.

Sony sketch font ? u may ask… See the font, the “Sony Ericsson ” emblem in your phone…


This is how the font will look like in ur phone. Actually in the walkman player it looks fantastic than in the menu..Trust me it looks really good than the standard font.


Here its to download:

Note: U can use any ttf (true type font) to the SE. ttf fonts are used by PC itself. Goto Control panel -> fonts -> copy the required font and use it on ur phone.

U need XS++ or FAR / FAR_JDflasher to upload fonts to ur phone.

Installation path:

Sending a .exe file is not possible via gmail and others ( yahoo / hotmail…I think)

Most virus files are in the extension “.exe”. So that’s why they block. But unfortunately they block our “good exe files” too.


1. To send .exe file simply rename the .exe file to some strange diff name.

2. If u have a folder that contains a .exe then archive the folder using winrar or winzip. Rename the extension .rar or .zip to some other name for ex: .SamSung or .Funny …or any other thing

Now gmail will accept your “diguised exe” files

1. Place the “.chm file” to the Bin/Debug of your application folder.


2. Create a menu / button and double click it (to the code area) and type the following:

System.Windows.Forms.Help.ShowHelp(Me, “Help.chm”, HelpNavigator.AssociateIndex)

help.chm – the name of ur chm file. if u named it as myapp.chm then u need to type it as myapp.chm (I know its a bit more childish !!! but some required it…;-))

3. Thats all. Now run the app and press the menu / button. it will work 😉

Note: This code is actually copied from a site. I forgot from where I have copied it. Anyhow, many thanks to the coder for posting it.