Link a .chm help file with your app

Posted: April 3, 2009 in Programming
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1. Place the “.chm file” to the Bin/Debug of your application folder.


2. Create a menu / button and double click it (to the code area) and type the following:

System.Windows.Forms.Help.ShowHelp(Me, “Help.chm”, HelpNavigator.AssociateIndex)

help.chm – the name of ur chm file. if u named it as myapp.chm then u need to type it as myapp.chm (I know its a bit more childish !!! but some required it…;-))

3. Thats all. Now run the app and press the menu / button. it will work 😉

Note: This code is actually copied from a site. I forgot from where I have copied it. Anyhow, many thanks to the coder for posting it.

  1. Thuy says:

    It works well after running the app. However, when I try to install the application, the .chm helpfile doesn’t show. Any help with this?

  2. hello thuy

    buddy you have make changes in your SetUp Project

    Go go setup project
    goto file system editor
    goto application folder
    right click > Add > File > “Select the .chm file”
    last rebuilt the setup

    and reinstall it

    it will
    work fine


  3. fsd says:

    nice…………works like a dream

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