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Free Fedora CD / DVD to your door step at no price

This is the website… HERE


Sad news is its not possible to get the s/w in Aug month.

Get a Free Ubuntu CD (yes even no shipping charges)

This is the website…HERE


3. Sun Solaris DVD



Now netbeans is no longer giving Free DVDs / CDs. Netbeans is an IDE (java, C / C++ / C# etc)


DRM Free, Royalty Free music. No need to pay any money, no subscription.


All you need is to just register there (for free) and download the musics. You don’t need to fear anyone.

Musics can be downloaded under the Creative Common license. see the website for more details

virtual bouncer is an adware and that depicts itself as an adware removal tool. Once its installed, U have to pay to remove (using credit card) it and some call it “extortion ware”. Don’t get fooled by silly online ads that distracts by showing your computer is infested by adwares / parasites / virus etc.

Article from spyware

Another link More info

Full Name: Virtual Bouncer Websearch
Type: Miscellaneous Security
Also Known as: spywarelabs
Created by: Spyware Labs, Inc.

Removal tools: List of products that detect/remove/protect against Virtual Bouncer:
# Control IM and P2P use, block spyware and other malware: RTGuardian
# Endpoint Spyware Remediation: Greynet Enterprise Manager
# IM, P2P control, malware prevention and web filtering in single appliance: Unified Security Gateway
Category Description: These are usually anti-spyware or security software applications that use various forms of deception and/or unethical means or show a history of negligent false positives to goad the end user to make a purchase.

In some cases these applications maybe downloaded with some form of unwanted software at which point the rogue application is offered to the customer as a way to remove the unwanted software.
Official Description: Claims to be an adware remover.
Comment: It drive-by installs, phones home after install, gives itself the right (in the EULA) to download and install software from its servers, and you have to *pay them* for a “subscription” with a credit card to have it removed, then opt out of having the “subscription” automatically renewed.

Because you must pay to have to removed, some have dubbed this “extortion ware”.
Virtual Bouncer

Virtual Bouncer

Manual removal: Can sometimes be removed by using Add/Remove programs from the control panel.

Bottomline: Install only known Anti-spywares such as the Spybot S&D, Microsoft Spyware removal tool etc.

There are many ways to check your internet connection speed. One of the method is as I described earlier, “static way”, using the task manager to test the connection speed.

Other way is to using this website:

Though it will display the test results by showing the time taken to download audio / video files from your computer to the end server.

Simply follow the pics (click a pic to expand)