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>There is no reason to panic if u lost ur motherboard CD. All you need is to download EVEREST HOME EDITION software. This software will scan your PC and will tell you

This s/w is free too. You can download it from here.

By default, all drives are shared and are hidden. If you want to get all files from a drive. then follow the below picture.

With this method u can view / copy all files in a drive

Goto start -> run -> type as follows. system6 refers to the computer which you want to get files.

Getting hidden shares


Solution to No More Connection to a Remote Computer Problem
December 25, 2008 — Snehal Masne

Got a problem faced by one of our readers that when after logging 10 computers, he tries to access some file or printer shared on the network, he gets this message saying that:

“No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept”.

Causes of this problem:

There are several versions of Windows XP released by Microsoft and the most common of them are XP Professional and XP Home. But Microsoft has put certain restrictions on these products (you may call it, deliberately) so that the users upgrade to its better versions.

While sharing a file or printer, there is a limit on how many users can access the shared resource from the Local Area Network (LAN) simultaneously. Microsoft has restricted the number of remote connections to be 10 for XP Professional and 5 for XP Home editions.

You can check yours by running the following command in cmd
net config server

What you can do now:

• Upgrade to a Windows Server license that supports more network connections than XP Professional and Home editions.

• Decrease the timeout period, to close unused connections faster (Default 15 minutes)
net config server /autodisconnect:1

this will allot the time of 1 minute.

• Use more computers to share the same file or printer (not that effective but can be handy).

• Make another network to share the same thing.

Alternatively, If u use windows server such as 2003 this problem is solved.

Open a web browser such as internet explorer or firefox

Type the Router / ADSL Router’s IP address. Usually the IP will be

router ip

For ADSL Routers: type the ip address as above..
Username: admin
password: password

You can change the ip address of the ADSL Router by selecting “LAN” in the settings

Note: Default Gateway ip address in your machine is the ip address of the Router.