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Common PC problems

Posted: October 17, 2009 in Networking, PC, Server

1. While installing OS some files are not copied ?

Make sure your OS CD is in good condition / scratch free.
Remove RAM from the slot (DIMM) and blow air to that slots. Clean RAM pins with an eraser. Reconnect RAM
Check and connect all hardware pins (bus) properly
Still having problem ? Replace RAM with a new one.

2. Cabinet shows green light but SMPS fan is not rotating and CPU fan is also not rotating ?

Check and reconnect all hardware wires / bus.
Still having problem ? Replace SMPS

3. While scrolling in a Excel sheet it behaves in a strange way ?
Make sure the scroll lock is off.

4. Suddenly USB devices are not connecting / not detected in your computer ?
Goto BIOS (switch on PC -> press delete key) and enable the USB

5. LAN card is not detected in your machine even after installing motherboard drivers ?
Make sure you have installed the appropriate LAN driver. For example, you may installed a Mercury driver for a Asus motherboard.

6. Don’t install more than 1 antivirus in a machine.

7. If you experience some problem with your machine, don’t format and reinstall the OS. Try System restore.
Accessories -> system tools -> system restore

8. System time changes weirdly …without u r knowledge ?
Change the Motherboard battery

9. System is very slow ?
Defragment the machine
Chkdsk the machine (run – chkdsk /r or chkdsk /p)
Run anti-spware / anti-virus

Root drive (c:\) (or u r current OS drive) – documents and settings -administrator (or user name) – local setting – app data – microsoft – outlook – .pst file

Backup the .pst file to save your outlook data

There are 2 windows repair options available.
Insert disk and boot from disk. press “R” to repair xp

1. Command line
2. Graphical

1. command line:

type “1” without quotes if xp is in c:\windows

chkdsk /r
chkdsk /p
fixmbr – only in extreme cases

Goto cd drive for example h:\
copy ntldr c:



Install a Microsoft windows 2003 server and share files from that machine. Its better than XP file sharing.

Windows 2003 supports multiple concurrent file (or other) sharing. While installing windows 2003 server make sure you type the appropriate client computer in the concurrent file sharing.