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Start -> run

C:’WINDOWS>netstat -an |find /i “listening”

netstat -an |find /i “listening” > c:’openports.txt
Result will be saved in a text file

To find the port 80 established connections
netstat -an |find /i “80”

To find the number of port 80 established connections
netstat -an |find /i /c “80”

To view open, closed and established ports
netstat -ao


More info:-


Domain redirection

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There are various methods available to redirect a domain. Redirection via html code is also possible but its not recommended. Many search engines find that it as a spam source.

Method: 1
Redirecting it via IIS
IIS -> domain properties -> Home directories -> Choosing “A redirection to a URL” type the path of the domain.
Also enable “The exact URL entered above”

Method: 2
Redirecting a domain in Plesk control panel – Plesk CP video tut

Unable to load the Inbox because it does not exist on the hard disk

-> provided permission to the following user
IME_ADMIN – Fullcontrol
IME_USER – Read only (default)

More information here:


Domains must be in “Drive:\MailBoxes\Postoffices ” If its not inside the postoffices folder, the above error will occur

MS SQL db permissions:-
MS Sql surface area manager. Start -> MS sql server -> Surface area manager
xp_cmdshell, ole performance… enable whatever permissions u need.

Pictorial guide on VPS (Virtual private server – Parallels Virtuozzo )