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Sometimes an Aspx application may not work. In this case you may have to change a folder into an ‘application’ via IIS.

Before trying this, follow steps 1 and 2 and proceed to step 3 if it doesn’t work:-
1. Change the ASP verison to 2 from 1.
2. Change the shared application pool to dedicated application pool.

3. If still not working, IIS -> Domain -> On the left hand side of the domain -> Right click the application folder -> Properties -> In the application settings…press create. This will make the folder into an application.


To make MVC apps work, you may need to do the following in the server. This is for IIS 6 [2003 server]

1. Login to the Server > IIS [run -> inetmgr] > domain properties > Home directory > configuration > Mappings > Add the “aspnet_isapi.dll”

2. The dll file can be found at the following location:-

3. wild card
Choose the dll file [which is in the following location: c:\windows\\framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_isapi.dll ] and select verify

Follow the URL for more details.
If you need to setup virtual directory, view the picture

Mime type

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Mime type needs to be added in the control panel [Plesk, hsphere, Helm…] if you want your domain to support a new file extension. For example, if you want to support .swf or .mp4 you may need to add the MIME extension.

Look at the below URL for the list of Mime types

Save the following text as a batch file. Copy the text in a notepad and save it as script.bat.

To execute the batch file, simply double click it. This will:-
1. Stop the iis service
2. Stops the Coldfusion version 8
3. Kills Coldfusion’s dependency services
4. Starts Coldfusion
5. Starts the iis service.
iisreset /stop

net stop “ColdFusion MX 8 Application Server”
net stop “ColdFusion MX 8 ODBC Agent”
net stop “ColdFusion MX 8 ODBC Server”
net stop “ColdFusion MX 8 Search Server”

kill -f swagent.exe
kill -f swstrtr.exe
kill -f jrun.exe
kill -f jrunsvc.exe
kill -f swsoc.exe
kill -f java.exe

net start “ColdFusion MX 8 Application Server”
net start “ColdFusion MX 8 ODBC Agent”
net start “ColdFusion MX 8 ODBC Server”
net start “ColdFusion MX 8 Search Server”

iisreset /start

Also Run -> services.msc -> right click a service and select dependencies and choose restart [after 1 or 2 minute]. This automatically restart the service in the server when its down.

SSL installation for Apache, IIS all versions.