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Installing Autodesk Alias 2010


DOWNLOAD THE ABOVE FILE AND RENAME IT FROM .PDF to .ZIP. Unzip and it contains 3 files that you need

Step 1: Install the Alias 2010. You can install Alias on Any drive. You can install it as a trial version and you can apply the crack later.

Step 2: After the installation, make sure you have ‘FLEXlm’ folder is available in the C:\. If its not available, create in the C:\ as C:\FLEXlm

Step 3:
2. Copy the alias.dat and lmcryptsgiawd.exe file to this directory.

4. Goto start–>all programs–>Autodesk–>common utilities–>FlexLM license utilities

5. Under system settings copy Ethernet address

The Ethernet address may be repeated if you check it in FlexLM license utilities only copy the first set of digits, try it as mentioned in the above picture. If not working, copy other too.

6. Open the file (from the directory FLEXLM) alias.dat with Notepad and replace all words “your host” with the copied Ethernet address (e.g. HOSTID=002638350364). Save and close notepad

7. Using the run utility and type: lmcryptsgiawd.exe alias.dat

8. Goto start–>all programs–>Autodesk–>Alias 2010–>Licensing
select “I have a license that I need to install” > “I would like to install license from a file” (Check “Install to default license file (strongly recommended)”)

9. Browse to the path of the file alias.dat

10. Click install

11. In folder FLEXLM the licence file aw.dat will be created. Remove now an unnecessary file alias.dat.

12. Restart computer


Look into the pic