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301 redirect

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Internet, Networking, Server
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In some situations, we have to make some manual configurations in IIS in order to implement a customers 301 redirect requests. Here are some types of requests that require manual configurations:

* The customer wants to setup a 301 redirect for a domain alias
* The customer wants to setup a 301 redirect for to point to

In order to setup the redirect, please follow these steps:

1. Open the IIS MMC
2. Browse to the existing site in IIS.
3. Right click on the site. Select Properties.
4. Click Advanced. Remove any host headers from the URL that we will be configuring 301 redirects on.
5. Right click on Web Sites. Select New Web Site.
* The description should be 301_URL_being_redirected_primary_domain (ex
* The IP address should match the IP address of the host header(s) you removed above.
* The host header should match the host header you removed above.
* Enter the path as c:\inetpub\wwwroot
6. Now, right click on the newly created site, select properties.
7. Under the home directory tab, select “A redirection to a URL”. Redirect to the URL specified by the customer. Check “A permanent redirection for this resource”
* Make sure the checkbox “The exact URL entered above” is _NOT_ checked.
8. Under the Web Site tab, click advanced. Setup any additional host headers required.
9. If the main web site has a dedicated IP address: You will also need to setup host headers for the dedicated IP address on the 301 site you created above.

For a working example of this, please check WEHOST8 sites and For this particular example, the customer wanted requests to and to be redirected to, and the domain also had a dedicated IP address.


ffmpeg converter – This is to convert video files to flv files like youtube is having.
I have tested this on Windows 2003 server. I have checked it by converting a sample MPG file to flv file and its successful.

Download / Install the following:-

1. PHP version 5.2.6 or above. I have installed PHP 5.3.3
2. Graphics library GD2.
3. Now download ffmpeg.exe file from this URL
4. Place the ffmpeg under the path c: as c:/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.exe
Use DOS command to execute conversion
5. C:\ffmpeg\bin>ffmpeg.exe -i DELTA.MPG DELTA1.flv

DELTA.MPG is a video file stored under C:\ffmpeg\bin
DELTA.flv will be the output file

The above steps is for FFmpeg converter if you want to use php_ffmpeg.dll [php related]. Follow the below steps:-

Apache Http server or IIS
Gnu / Win32: GD version 2.0.33-1
Visual C++ 2005 redistributable
PHP 5.2.14

Must read:

If you are having problem working with php_ffmpeg.dll in a windows 2003 server. Install Visual C++ in the server.

Additional read:

Look into the pic

Sometimes an Aspx application may not work. In this case you may have to change a folder into an ‘application’ via IIS.

Before trying this, follow steps 1 and 2 and proceed to step 3 if it doesn’t work:-
1. Change the ASP verison to 2 from 1.
2. Change the shared application pool to dedicated application pool.

3. If still not working, IIS -> Domain -> On the left hand side of the domain -> Right click the application folder -> Properties -> In the application settings…press create. This will make the folder into an application.

To make MVC apps work, you may need to do the following in the server. This is for IIS 6 [2003 server]

1. Login to the Server > IIS [run -> inetmgr] > domain properties > Home directory > configuration > Mappings > Add the “aspnet_isapi.dll”

2. The dll file can be found at the following location:-

3. wild card
Choose the dll file [which is in the following location: c:\windows\\framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_isapi.dll ] and select verify

Follow the URL for more details.
If you need to setup virtual directory, view the picture

Mime type

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Internet, Networking, Server
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Mime type needs to be added in the control panel [Plesk, hsphere, Helm…] if you want your domain to support a new file extension. For example, if you want to support .swf or .mp4 you may need to add the MIME extension.

Look at the below URL for the list of Mime types

SSL installation for Apache, IIS all versions.