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Bluetooth file transfer in windows Vista is really easy but in XP its only implicitly available

Goto command prompt and then type:


Recently I had a strange problem with my phone. I am unable to transfer data to phone, especially videos. It said, “SECTOR NOT FOUND….” error and cancelled the transfer.

1. Connect your phone in data transfer mode (LIKE PENDRIVE). Dont use PCSUITE software to connect it. In otherwords, switch OFF your phone and connect it.

2. After its connected, open DISK DEFRAGMENTER from tools in accessories menu and defragment your phone’s memory card / phone memory

3. It will take hours to defragment. So its advisable to do it in the night.

4. After its completed, now try transfer data into your phone. It will surely get transferred.

I have tried this with my Sony Ericsson K550i which is having 2GB memory card.

Looking for a good video converter software ?
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Sony sketch font created by Diezel. Diezel is a forum member of (and many other forums). With his hard work.. many of the SE owners are enjoying this great font.

I thank Diezel for doing a great contribution to the SE community.

Sony sketch font ? u may ask… See the font, the “Sony Ericsson ” emblem in your phone…


This is how the font will look like in ur phone. Actually in the walkman player it looks fantastic than in the menu..Trust me it looks really good than the standard font.


Here its to download:

Note: U can use any ttf (true type font) to the SE. ttf fonts are used by PC itself. Goto Control panel -> fonts -> copy the required font and use it on ur phone.

U need XS++ or FAR / FAR_JDflasher to upload fonts to ur phone.

Installation path:

some time you may think that a particular phone theme’s wallpaper is jus gr8 & u want that. how to get that ?
1. simply rename the file extension to .rar (u need to install winrar prior doing this)
2. windows will ask u, want to rename it. select yes.
3. now right click the file and select “Extract to folder” (something like that)
4. Now the folder is avail. and ur favourite walls / tones / swf files inside.

Note my proverb:
Mobile, Automobile and Women these are the 3 things in life in which there is always a model available in the future 😉

Nokia Vs SE is really a hot topic. Lets see each’s pros and cons.


1. Having a long lineup of Smart phones.
2. Smartphones available for cheaper rates.
3. Overall, Nokia excels in all dimension (read: Camera, music, OS..)
4. Smartphones supports Application compatibility (both java and native symbian apps)
5. In an average, Nokia offers excellent displays which are larger and are legible under direct sunlight. screen resolutions are now increased tremendously from the traditional 176 x 208 even for their budget phones.
6. Network Connectivity is just great in nokia. In a scarce network area, if the SE shows no network signals, Nokia can show 1 or 2 signal points.
7. Data transfer speed is just great in any Nokia phone. Its simply outperfoms all the phones.

1. Value for money proportion is available only in its old age phones.
2. New phones are priced steep high.
3. Value for money in their phone is very less.
4. Nokia uses Symbian OS and its no way close to Windows OS.
5. ZERO ‘0’ customization is possible.
6. Symbian OS applications are childish and are mostly “No” for professional use.
7. Nokia Smartphones are prone to Restart, Virus attacks (Symbian), Hangs etc. like any other Smartphones.
8. Use the Symbian phone for a while and browse some pictures..later the phone will display “MEMORY FULL” close some applications. This is a Most Common irritating message on a Smartphone. Those NOKIA FOOLS (Engineers) dont add more RAM to their phones and thats whay this problem.
9. Nokia SUCKS if you buy a touch screen Nokia phone (currently). Still Nokia has to learn a lot more things in the touch screen arena. The recent touch screen XpressMusic phone from Nokia is the best example.

Sony Ericsson

1. SE may appear traditional (same icons used of many years only recently they have changed..) but the level of customization is VERY VERY HIGH.
2. SE is for GEEKS. You can change the Phones functionality (elfs), Camera driver, sound driver, interface, icons, layouts and much more.
3. Normally a low priced SE phone can outperform in its UI speed. Phone speed is high compared to Nokia.
4. Music – walkman, Camera – Cybershot are the SE rock pillars.
5. MACRO mode in the Camera is exclusively available in SE not in Nokia. Nokia only offers AutoFocus. MACRO mode enables to capture closest shot such as a Flower or a text with more detail.
6. You can install Java apps in SE (today most of the phones supports java not just SE)

1. Smartphones are very less in SE stables- but who cares ?
2. You have to Compromise between Walkman / Cybershot but recently SE changed this, offering all features on both phones.
3. Some functions such as “Notes” in SE offers only limited storage space. For example you cant store more than ~25 different notes in SE. This is a major drawback.
4. SE are also prone to hang, restart etc but these occurrences are very less when compared to a Smartphone.
5. N/w is not as good as nokia as I mentioned above.
6. Data transfer speed sucks in all Sony Ericsson phones. Whether you have connected it in Phone mode or Data transfer mode, SE is miles behind Nokia.


IF you want a smartphone choose a windows OS based such as one from HTC / O2 / Black Berry / Nokia Messenger..dont buy a XPERIA its priced to dig a big hole on your pocket.

In a practical environment, SE is O.K and its better than Nokia phones. I dont taken Nokia Messenger phones in account.

Now you know what to buy..need i say more ?

For mobile reviews,

GSMARENA..the best site

For mobile prices,

UNIVERCELL – Indian Rupees only

Yes you can Flash a SE K530 CID 53 phone to a W660 CID 53. You can get all the walkman goodies of the W660 (except the orange backlighting during walkman playback)

I tested it and its working 100% on my friend’s K530 (CID 53) phone.

You need:
1. FAR manager + JDflasher
You can download these whole thing from my blog itself. See the upper menu of my blog.

2. Download the W660’s CID 53 (FS, MAIN, Custom files) files from
a. W660_R8BE001_FS_EUROPE_4_RED53.rar
b. W660_R8BE001_MAIN_GENERIC_FY_RED53.rar

3 Ofcourse, the driver (if you connect with a K550/w610 driver its enough).

The procedure:

Open FAR
1.Press alt + f1 just da flasher..db2020..dcu 60 921600..then enter into rabit hole

2. connect phone (switch OFF the phone remove the battery and reconnect it) by pressing C..after its detected leave the key “C”.

3. double click Oflash: (left side)
Now on the right side
Navigate to the folder where you have the “W660 main file” select it
as a babe image
press F5 or copy
“yeah flash it”

4. similarly
Now select “FS”
as a babe image
press F5 or copy
“yeah flash it”

5. Exit Oflash. Press .. On the left side
6. Disconnect phone
7. Start FAR manager again

8. double click “OFS” on the left side

9. Goto tpa/preset on the left side (phone)

10. Goto tpa/preset/custom on the right side (PC)

11. Drag and drop “Customize.xml” and “preloaded_config.xml” to custom folder on the copy (do it one by one)

12. Exit by pressing “..” on left side.

If you have doubts..Check akshayy’s esnips folder or for akshayy’s video tut on Cross flashing the same.