Domain Q & A

1. 500 Internal server error, server application on ‘/’ unavailable, server application unavailable
This is a very generic message. Please follow this:-
a. To view the exact error, goto control panel -> choose the domain -> web hosting settings -> Uncheck custom error messages. Now try recreate the error. You can view full error details.
common solution:
a. Check permissions, assign it if it’s not.

b. Assign application pool user permission to the domain

2. Service unavailable error
> Change the website’s shared application pool to dedicated application pool
> Still encountering problem ? Dedicated application pool’s properties -> change from the user to network service.

3. To access mail via browser:-
For windows:
http://webmail.domain_name. or mail.domain_name
ex: or
ex: mail.domainname

For Linux
http://www.domain_name/webmail or mail.domain_name/webmail

3. If a domain shows hosting site’s default page:
Check Application pool – start it if its stopped, Restart IIS

4. When you start a stopped application pool and if it shows
“The service didn’t respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion”
sol: start / restart IIS and the application pool.

Knowledge base
1. DNS

2. Microsoft – IIS help pages

3. Google domain help

4. Google DNS

More to come…


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