Errors and solutions

Tried and tested

Error while accessing domain. MsAccess db error:-
> Download the database from the server and then select “compact and repair the database” in it
> Reupload the database to the server. Rename the old database to prevent conflicts.
> Domain will work without any issue.

Error: “Directory listing denied”
> Index / home page was not set in the Control panel.
> Index / home page is not available in the server.
> Check both and it will work.

Server Application unavailable error
> Assign permission to the domain files / folders. Assign ‘Network Service’, [aspnet] permissions.

Server Application ‘/’ unavailable error
Application pool gets stopped for that domain.

> Check whether the is enabled or not.
> Change the from 1.1 to 2 in the panel. If still error exists, change it to 4 in the server [Note: Domain code should be written in 4].
> Start / restart application pool for the domain

Under construction error
domain may be stopped in the server
Default page may not be set in the control panel. If the domain uses Hsphere, enable the Directory index and enter a default / home page in it.

Site produce “Under construction error”
In the IIS -> domain -> status “error: The parameter is incorrect”
This error occurs within IIS 6 when you try to start your web site and it has not been assigned to a valid application pool.
This usually happens when the default app pool has been deleted.

Plesk Name Server service refuses to start and all domains are down in the Windows server.

Incorrect entry in the swsoft\plesk\dns\etc\named.conf (ex: D:\Program Files\Parallels\Plesk\dns\etc\can lead to this problem. named.conf is an important file. Even a small space or full stop (period) in it will make the Plesk name server service unable to start. In otherwords, all the domain will go down with an incorrect named.conf entry.


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