Webshell link not opening (page not found error)

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\Program Files\HSphere\3rdparty\WebShell4\includes\functions.php on line 768

Webshell link not opening from H-sphere control panel.

ex: H-sphere -> user / reseller -> File manager / FTP manager -> Webshell -> login -> Page not found error


Goto server -> IIS -> Default site -> properties -> Advanced -> Add the site with port

Unable to create a domain / user account:

Error. Application Pool can’t contain ASP NET resources with different versions.

1. Hsphere > Login as user > Select the plan > uncheck the ASP & ASP.net (also uncheck the activated)
2. Now create the domain / user
3. Re-enable the ASP & ASP.net on the plan

Tackling no Application pool in the CP

If no application pool option is available for a particular user / reseller in H-sphere.
Goto to the reseller a/c -> select the plan -> enable the application pool

Only after this, the app pool option will be available to all other user.

You can now change it to dedicated application pool for example.

To get user’s passwords

H-sphere > Admin panel > Info > Quick access
Account move

During account move process don’t enable the auto refresh option in that window (firefox or other browser)



When signing up for an account via H-sphere and if you encounter “Generic error” follow the below steps:-

Make sure the template directory is same as in the Server

Otherwise you may need to type as shown with reference to the server path

After the fix, an error free sign up

Adding DNS records via H-sphere for a domain

A records
Name: www – IP [Enter IP address]
mail – IP
mssql – IP

priority 10 – IP

name:webmail – domain link ex: mail.ibm.com

* in a VPS or a dedicated server mssql, FTP, mail’s IP address are all same. In a shared environment, you have to mention different IPs.

* for MX record just mention priority and IP and don’t mention name, create a Cname record for that purpose.
Account migration in Hsphere

An Account can contain a domain or multiple domains. Migrating refers to transferring the domain contents from one server to another server. By doing this via Hsphere control panel, the migration is reflected in the control panel. IMP: DON’T REFRESH THE PAGE throughout the process !

* To view the status of the current process, Hsphere -> E.manager -> click ‘Started move processes’. Always click this to view the status. DON’T REFRESH THE PAGE !

1. Prerequisites:-
> Backup the domain in a separate drive or other folder. Migration via Hsphere will delete the files which are in the default location.
> Check whether the domain is having SSL, DSN (ODBC) and ASP_SECURED. If ASP_Secured is enabled, disable it. Backup the SSL. Note the DSN settings.

2. Copy the domain contents to the target server from the source server via FTP.

3. Open the control panel and Menu -> E.manager -> start account move process

4. Enter the source and destination server, Enter account name and id.

5. Now Account will be created in the destination server.

6. Once the account is created, will takes place”. Cancel this process since we have transferred the contents via FTP. to view the status “Select Started account move processes”

7. Once the “Transferring of contents” get cancelled, registering DNS records will takes place.

8. Now the Account will be created in the destination server. Open IIS and open the domain. Copy the domain contents to the folder (Account).

9. Once the registration of DNS is over, deletion of data on the source server will takes place.

10. Thats all

To change Hsphere password

Generated a new password via Hashgenerator

Run the hashgenerater.exe via the command line.
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\HashGenerator>HashGenerator.exe “JAMESBOND007”

ex output:

Copy the above code and paste it on the following file.

Hsphere.config is in the following location:
C:\Program Files\HSphere\Config\hsphere.config

The generated hash to be replaced with the one

To restart hsphere via command line in the server
net stop hsphere
net start hsphere

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