Webmail / mail not working ?

1. Make sure the IME_ADMIN and IME_USER are having permission for the webmail folder. IME_ADMIN should have full control

2. If still there are problems, change the webmail’s application pool -> prop -> change to user / network service.

3. make sure mail enable / plesk DNS services are running

4. Perform a run > IISreset      /       iisreset/status


Webmail not working: 2

Login to server
Open Computer Management
Click Web sites under IIS manager
Locate webmail(mewebmail) and right click and click properties
Under web site tab click advanced
You will see Ip address, port and host header vales
Click add
Enter Ip address(default or IP ADDRESS), port (80), and
Click OK, OK
Stop and start webmail web site,

3. Do an run ->  iisreset that will cure most of the problems.

Cannot send mail
1. Check the firewall settings in the problematic computers.
2. Contact you ISP and check they have blocked your SMTP port 25.
3. Alternative port for the SMTP is the ‘SMTP secured port’ and its port is 465.
To Change SMTP port number in Mail enable

Server -> Mail enable -> SMTP -> properties -> inbound

for example here you can change from port 25 to 465 secure SMTP port

To check SPAM mails in the server:-
> Login to the mail server
> To get the logs follow the link where the mail enable (Or smartermail I am referring Mailenable in this case) is installed.
Example : C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Logging\SMTP
You can check the logs based on date
> Alternatively You can go start -> All programs -> Mail enable
> Mail enable management -> servers -> logging -> Connectors -> SMTP -> Logs -> Activity
Bad mails:-
Bad mails are related to spam mails. Mails which are not reachable to the receiver may stay in the bad mail queue. We remove them to clear the queue.
Mail enable -> Mail enabe management -> Messaging manager -> Post offices -> Bad mail

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  2. Gokulakrishnan G says:

    They aren’t photos. They are just photoshop edits.

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  4. Gokulakrishnan G says:

    Please check – This is an Indian site regarding gadgets and software in general.

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