To set IUSR permission for a domain, you must know what IUSR is for the particular domain. To find out the particular IUSR for the particular domain. Follow the steps:

IIS -> Domain -> Properties -> Directory Security -> Authentication and access control -> Edit -> Authentication methods: Here you can find the IUSR name in the username area. ex: IUSR_690

Server application unavailable error: Permissions missing on domain folders can lead to this error. If its a plesk based error, you can remove the applications and try reinstalling it.

IIS -> domain -> right click and open -> Properties -> Security:
> Add (aspnet), Network service
> If still not working, Add application pool user permission to the domain. To know the application pool user, IIS -> domain -> right click -> properties -> directory settings -> application pool -> note the pool name.
> Now IIS -> application pool -> right the particular application pool -> properties -> note the name.
> Now give permission for that particular user to the domain.
> If still gives the same error, give IUSR permission to the domain. Follow step 1 to do this.

FTP issues
My computer- > manage -> users and groups -> check whether the particular FTP user is disabled or not.

If you still encounter errors, check event viewer


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