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ffmpeg converter – This is to convert video files to flv files like youtube is having.
I have tested this on Windows 2003 server. I have checked it by converting a sample MPG file to flv file and its successful.

Download / Install the following:-

1. PHP version 5.2.6 or above. I have installed PHP 5.3.3
2. Graphics library GD2.
3. Now download ffmpeg.exe file from this URL
4. Place the ffmpeg under the path c: as c:/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.exe
Use DOS command to execute conversion
5. C:\ffmpeg\bin>ffmpeg.exe -i DELTA.MPG DELTA1.flv

DELTA.MPG is a video file stored under C:\ffmpeg\bin
DELTA.flv will be the output file

The above steps is for FFmpeg converter if you want to use php_ffmpeg.dll [php related]. Follow the below steps:-

Apache Http server or IIS
Gnu / Win32: GD version 2.0.33-1
Visual C++ 2005 redistributable
PHP 5.2.14

Must read:

If you are having problem working with php_ffmpeg.dll in a windows 2003 server. Install Visual C++ in the server.

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